Pre - Wedding

In earlier days couples would see each other Ist time on their wedding day , but now time is changed and wedding trends has also changed.
Now couples realize that wedding is a lifetime affair , so Everybody wants uniqueness in their wedding and pre wedding photography and capture those precious moments by our unique , cinematography ,videography and photography.
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Candid/Wedding Photography

Indian wedding photography has taken us to the most wonderful places in the world, and we’ve been lucky to be a part of dozens of fun, crazy and zany weddings! We are very thankful to all the couples featured in this section for inviting us to be a part of their special day.

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Little About Us...

When our team first met, we discovered we loved weddings. This was during the late 2014, and being twenty-somethings, we had tons of friends getting married. On a lark, one day we decided to take our cameras along and take a couple of pictures. Our friends loved the pictures, and asked us to do more! And more! This is what led us to start thinking of switching out our careers as marketing and advertising managers and start shooting weddings as a profession. When we got our first office, “candid wedding photography” was still in it’s infancy, and our wedding pictures really left a lot to be desired. They were technically fine, properly exposed and covered every part of our wedding in great detail.. Right after that we decided to start thinking of full time wedding photography, and are proud to be amongst the first photographers in chhattisgarh to lead the trend and set the bar for the rest of the industry to follow. Today, we are proud to have been a part of hundreds of weddings over the years and are very thankful to all the brides and grooms who invited us to be a part of the private day. What started as just the four of us is today a full team; we have everything needed to create intimate wedding stories within the studio. Read on to know more about us and our story! Welcome to our website, and we hope to be a part of your big day!

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